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Almost every flooring solution gets outdated with time. Talking about the commercial level flooring solution, it needs to be renovated with the help of best reinstatement works and services in Singapore. After all, the way you maintain the commercial place reflects your progress and confidence. There has to be expert renovation solutions that can keep the company image positive.

Office reinstatement service Singapore includes construction and remodeling of floorings, dry walls and designer tiles. Further, the creative renovation solutions that change the entire look of the premises.

Our expertise flooring solutions can renovate the most challenging areas of your office. Assuming your floor as the Canvas, we use a different variety of colours, designs and patterns to decorate it in the most arresting way possible.

Innovative flooring solutions

Once you hire our reinstatement works contractors, you would understand the importance of having high quality flooring solutions for your commercial area. Our cork floors keep the area insulated and soundproof. They are anti-allergic and environment friendly in nature. The natural cork based flooring solutions are abrasion free and can be easily maintained.

Office reinstatement service Singapore also includes laminated flooring solutions. If you want to give a posh look to the commercial area, just laminate the wooden floor so that it remains evergreen and stain free. Nothing can affect a laminated flooring that is made up of authentic wood or stone. Moreover, cleaning such a floor is very easy as you just need to broom away the dust.

Stone flooring solutions is one of the latest add-ons to our service. We use a different variety of stones including Slate, limestone, granite, sandstone and Pebble to provide unbeatable durability and Elegance to the commercial interiors. Stone based flooring solutions are perfect for areas that have high temperature and need Radiant material.

Since Singcons is one of the best flooring company in Singapore, we also provide commercial tiling services. Not only do we cover up the floors with a different variety of tiles but we also give a durable finish to the walls using mosaic, porcelain and ceramic materials. The heat resistant materials are the best when you need renovations and Constructions near furnaces and fireplaces.

The finest office reinstatement services Singapore

We provide inexpensive and creative office reinstatement services throughout Singapore. Our expert Architects can convert your outdated workplace into a beautiful fresh working area.

The innovative Appeal of the commercial place can heighten up your confidence and ability to deliver exceptional products and services. When your office environment is progressive, it automatically instigates the clients to associate with you further.

We go green

Our energy efficient renovation solutions include green initiatives that can empower your business without harming the mother earth.

Increase your efficiency with the best reinstatement works and services in Singapore. Renovate the layout in just a couple of days and keep your profits and confidence high always.


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