Building & Civil Construction

Singcons is completely dedicated in providing the best of interior design solutions. Not only we add a touch of creativity to the dull and boring commercial places, but we also renovate them in a way to give them a long lasting finish.

Our drywall partition service includes application of gypsum plaster instead of typical fiber cement drywall sheets. We have an environmentally-friendly approach to serve the customers. Further, we provide durable finish to your interiors.

We make sure that each penny you spend in renovation is worthwhile and beneficial. Our Specialized architectural applications include reinstatement work in Singapore, commercial tiling services and flooring services.

Use of drywall partition service

Dry walls perfectly serve as a perfect option for constructing hospitals, homes, schools, industry and other commercial places. They typically last for lifetime and do not degrade at all. The commercial tiling services included with the dry wall services provide the best possible construction ever.

Our USP – Instant installations

Dry walls need a very little amount of labor and can be easily installed as compared to the masonry construction. They are less complicated and prove budget-friendly every time. We offer electrical Services within the system itself so that the entire work is executed as fast as possible.

The ecofriendly drywall partition services do not require water and other elements to do the needful. Since dry walls are reconstructed, they do not need any additional arrangements before installation.

Flexible solutions

We provide reinstatement work in Singapore that includes lightweight architectural structures. We cut down the overall cost of construction and add portability in our work. Our drywall construction is up to 15% cheaper than the typical wall construction. Moreover, they are manageable and movable in nature.

Cost effective and fire resistant construction solutions

We have our name in the entire Singapore just because we provide a superior quality service every time. Our drywall services include fire resistance feature. Further, we quickly execute the installations in a very less time period.

Our noteworthy interior design solutions include drywall soundproofing. In simple words, A soundproof wall panels avoids transferring sound from one room to another thereby offering exceptional privacy.

Finest commercial tiling services ever

When you want a non-compromising interior design solution, we are always the one to serve you. Our commercial tiling services Singapore are classified in different grades. We use a variety of materials depending on your budget and requirements. Our grade 5 tiles are the best for industrial applications because of durability factor and other reasons.

Unfolding the many benefits of commercial tiling services from Singcons, we use organic materials to maintain indoor air quality. Further, our Creative Solutions includes adding customized paintings and beautiful designs over the tiles over the tiles to give a great appearance to the surroundings.

The quality of tiles we provide require a very little investment and maintenance. They can easily manage accidents, water spills and other incidences without being affected.

So why to think twice? When we are here to give you the best interior solutions in Singapore.


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