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Singcons” is a premier service provider in Singapore when it’s related to Reinstatement Works. Different businesses have different requirements in terms of partitioning, flooring, interiors etc. along with electrical components. This is one of the main reasons for the scope of Reinstatement work as commercial units require starting everything from scratch to get their desired work. We concern for the specific needs and are dedicated to serving the best in the industry at the best price. Our hassle-free reinstatement service gives the right design and the look to get it back in original condition or the desired one.

As a reputed Reinstatement service provider in Singapore, we during the process of shifting from one building to a new premise, try to meet strict timelines, and to keep the business ticking over and profitable while padding up one location and organizing another commercial place. During the process, all unwanted items use to be properly disposed of. It becomes convenient to leave the weighty lifting of removal and reinstatement to the professionals’ offers. To minimise inconvenience the work process can be completed overnight reduce the safety risks, noise and dust involved in the process.

Our reinstatement work includes:

  • Uplifting of all data cabling
  • Removal of walls, partitions, canteens
  • Removal of all unwanted, fixture and fittings
  • Making good to specifications
  • Any reinstallation requirements
  • Redecoration
  • Carpet replacement

It is very clear with the details of the services that we take a bearable approach to build reinstatement, looking to salvage as much as possible and diminish waste, helping buildings to stand strong and tall. In the case of office reinstatement, it is crucial as you want to avoid disturbance to your daily practices and business processes. So it is very important to involve us at the very initial stage of site briefing so that we can provide hassle-free handling process.

Reinstating offices premises typically involves the dismantling of existing partitions, shelves and other built-in furniture. For the people who are looking for quick reinstate their premise with a tight deadline for completion, we assure to provide the best service done in time for the handover. At Singapore based ‘Singcons’, all reinstatement works are performed by a dedicated team who will take care of all the different tasks. They are also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the premises. In accumulation to removing fittings and provisional fixtures, our removal and restoration services will also cover fixing damages to objects that belong to the landlord, including glass panels, roller shutters or existing doors. We provide eminence and professional reinstatement of retail, offices, and industrial spaces for projects of all sizes. If your rental lease has expired or are considering moving your office, we will be able to accomplish reinstatement back to your landlord with our broad experience. Call us today to organize for an onsite meeting for an obligation-free meeting and quotation. We with our expert professionals are determined to assist you with –

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Experienced Management
  • Timely Handover

we serve all types and all kinds of premises inclusive of offices, shops, malls, malls shops, shop houses, warehouse and factories, restaurants, landed and non-landed residential properties, showrooms, show flats, and all other types of commercial properties.